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Project Description

Dominion Energy has decided to retire its coal-fired power plants in Yorktown, Virginia for cleaner and safer energy. The Surry-Skiffes Creek Transmission Line will meet growing demand and make sure Virginia’s Peninsula has the reliable electricity it needs for years to come. Dominion Energy’s proposed project involves the construction of a new 7.7 mile, overhead transmission line from Surry (VA) nuclear power plant, crossing the James River east of Jamestown Island, to a proposed Skiffes Creek power station. This power line would make an approximately 4.1 mile crossing of the James River, requiring placement of 17 towers and related infrastructure within and above the river bed. It would also heighten another 27 land-based towers in the appropriate area.

The Virginia State Corporation Commission, The Virginia Supreme Court, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Virginia state regulators thoroughly reviewed and support the Surry-Skiffes Creek Transmission Line across the James River. In fact, this plan is the only option these groups fully support. None of the alternatives proposed meet mandatory standards and cannot serve the electric reliability needs of the people living and working on the Peninsula.

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For additional information about the project like permits, energization, land acquisition, etc., please see the project page of the Dominion Energy website.