First James River structures erected

Aug 23, 2018

Two of 17 structures set to span the James River have been erected this month as Dominion Energy continues work on the Surry-Skiffes Transmission Line Project. Structures adjacent to the river’s largest active shipping channel will begin going up this week. Plans call for a total of 3-4 structures to be erected every month.

“We are committed to seeing this critical project built and energized,” Dominion Energy Vice President of Electric Transmission Kevin Curtis said. “We will continue to work diligently and swiftly to build the much needed transmission line to keep lights on for more than 600,000 people living in the Virginia Peninsula region.”

The lattice structures crossing the James River will deliver a much needed 500 kilovolt inject into the Peninsula. The line will cross a working section of the river that will minimize visual impact, maintain clearance from Felker Army Air Field and bring cleaner, more reliable energy to the region. The project also involves upgrading a 230 kilovolt line primarily in existing right of way and building a switching station in James City County.

The project remains on track to be energized by the summer of 2019.

structure in the James River