Sierra Club petition puts safety of Peninsula at risk

Jul 20, 2017

You may be aware the Sierra Club has filed a petition to block the Department of Energy’s decision to keep Yorktown Power Station’s coal units running, when needed to keep the power on.

The DOE’s emergency order is specifically focused on the electrical reliability of the Peninsula, at the request of PJM the regional grid operator. It ensures that families, businesses, and military installations are able to have electricity during times like we are currently experiencing with temperatures in the high 90’s to 100 and heat indexes over 100.

The Sierra Club is trying to shut off power on the hottest days of the year. We think it’s totally irresponsible. We need to protect our customers on the Peninsula, and our employees are working around the clock to keep power on. The Sierra Club’s action would jeopardize the health and safety of people in the area, and threaten national security at a time when summer temperatures and heat index push 105 degrees. We have worked for five years to bring cleaner energy to the area with the Skiffes project and remain committed to it, but PJM says Yorktown is needed now, and we have to respect that.