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Cleaner air and cleaner energy for the Peninsula – thanks to a new power line.

Cleaner air and reliable energy are two of the benefits that come when Dominion Energy builds a new transmission line to power the Peninsula.

The Surry-Skiffes Creek Transmission Line will provide a much-needed new connection for the Peninsula using carbon-free and low-carbon generation sources. This includes solar, high-efficiency natural gas and nuclear generation located to the south.

What’s more, the line will be out of sight from historic treasures such as Historic Jamestowne, Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown Battlefield.

Federal environmental regulations resulted in two coal units at Yorktown Power Station closing in April 2017. However, the Department of Energy issued a temporary order to operate the units when the Peninsula was at risk of power outages. This 90-day provision will help ease the risk, but a permanent, cleaner energy solution is needed. Dominion Energy is committed to working diligently to secure the remaining permits needed to build the Skiffes line so we can permanently close the coal units and bring cleaner energy to the Peninsula.

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